Creative Photography: we invited an artist to shoot for the Eureka 50mm f/2

June 06, 2024

About Delfina Carmona

Delfina Carmona, a photographer and artist with a distinct style, hails from Argentina but now resides in Berlin, Germany. Her expertise lies in dramatic and creative photography, with a focus on the visual arts. Despite using everyday equipment, she masterfully employs self-portraiture, objects, and silhouettes to craft unique compositions that reflect her personal expression. In her exploration of the interplay between language, aesthetics, light, shadow, color, and form, she produces remarkable artworks.


Delfina Carmona wielded the Eureka 50mm f/2 collapsible lens to capture breathtaking sample images. She transforms everyday objects into the unfamiliar, crafting unique scenes that draw viewers into her vibrant, detailed dreamscapes. Her photographs engage the audience in a dialogue, sharing her perspectives on photography and surrealism.


Photo Series:Reverie

"These photos were inspired by the Eureka lens and the surrealist movement. They are part of a series created especially as an invitation to the viewer to dive into a universe of dreams, where things are not quite what they seem and objects acquire a new, beautiful and strange dimension."——Delfina Carmona


"I’ve always been fascinated by the world of dreams. That inner universe that unfolds within us while we sleep, full of abstract images and emotions, where nothing is what it seems.

It's a liberating space for self-reflection."


Shot with the Eureka 50mm f/2 

Emotional Notes


"My work has always had a dreamlike characteristic and is inspired by the work of the great surrealist artists of history. With the Eureka 50mm F2.0 lens, I found a connection with that movement from the first moment I saw it. I really like its 1950s vintage design and I’m fascinated by the quality and what it could add to my work."


Every lens is an extension of the photographer's artistic perception. Different lenses evoke diverse desires for capturing things in a unique way. The images taken with the Eureka, which has a Double Gauss lens, have that feeling of seeming to be taken from inside a dream, with a beautiful bokeh effect, very sharp in the middle and gradually falling off towards the edges.


Eureka 50mm f/2 collapsible lens


"Photography for me is an essential part of my life. It’s almost like the air I breathe every day. A vital need to express myself, to keep moving and channeling my thoughts and feelings in every new photo I take. I find inspiration in the life around me, in everyday experimentation, in a warm light coming through the window, in the colors of things, reflections, and shadows."


Tomatoes and Glasses


"The rotation of the Eureka rings is very smooth and delicate, it seems to flow with my thoughts while I’m taking pictures. The lens is pocket-sized and portable due to this fun collapsible feature. I find this design highly adaptable to many situations."


"I always say that in photography I found in addition to developing a personal way of looking, a possibility of keeping a childlike wonder. It allows me to play, experiment, create characters, and build new scenarios for my lens to explore."




As I compose scenes with objects on an empty table, a portal to a new world begins to emerge. Immersed in this reverie, I play with light, elements, and colors until that magical moment when I exclaim, "Eureka, I've found it!"




"This is not a lens, it’s a portal to a world of endless dreams."


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June 06, 2024
Creative Photography: we invited an artist to shoot for the Eureka 50mm f/2
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