Simera 35/28mm F/1.4 – Manual Lenses For Leica M Users Brought By A New Brand Named Thypoch

December 05, 2023

Thypoch, an emerging manual mirrorless lens brand joined the expressive photography world by making its debut at Photopia Hamburg 2023. Differing from other existing lens brands, it passionately embraces “Thy-Photography”, hoping that users can explore as various ways as possible to perform self-expression via images authentically and unlimitedly, revealing genuine relations tied up to self, others and the world. 


To discover more about Thypoch, let’s focus on its first series with two lenses brought to the market Simera 35mm and 28mm.


Brand/Series Origin

Consisting of "Thy" and "epoch", Thypoch values the distinguished golden age each one creates solely for themselves. Each click of the shutter reflects and makes up an irreplaceable fragment of memory in their life. To start with, the first series, Simera (meaning "Today" in Greek) bears the profound pursuit of recording fleeting moments of the present day. The two full-frame prime lenses -- Simera 35mm and 28mm, feature an imaging style of modernization, high resolution, high contrast, and low chromatic aberration, inspiring users to capture the traits exclusive to the present.


Key Features

  • A large aperture of F1.4 for round and dreamy bokeh
  • Click and de-click Aperture Mode
  • A minimum focusing distance of 0.45 m/0.4 m
  • Rangefinder focus invalidation alert at 0.7m on the focus ring
  • Automatic depth-of-field indicator
  • Vintage look harmonises with Leica aesthetics



Lens Characteristics

Boasting a wide aperture of F1.4 and a 14-blade diaphragm, the Simera Series creates stunning bokeh, effortlessly isolating subjects from their surroundings and delivering a mesmerizing sense of space. The seamless aperture transition between click and de-click modes offers smooth aperture adjustments during video shooting.


With a minimum focusing distance of 0.45 m and 0.4 m respectively, the Simera 35mm and 28mm allow users to explore the intricacies of the subjects with extraordinary details. When rangefinder focus is invalidated, the subtle resistance at 0.7m on the focus ring alerts users that they should use the EVF (electronic viewfinder) for optimal focus accuracy.


The innovative design of the automatic depth-of-field indicator enables photographers to easily visualize the range of focus within their composition, assisting them in making artistic decisions, especially when utilizing hyperfocal distance in street and landscape photography. 


Pricing and Availability

The Simera lenses come in an aluminum-alloy body in silver and black, and are paired with a hood for the Leica M mount and A49 filters. The retail price is 699 USD with a box included.



The lenses will be on sale soon, and please stay tuned for updated information via Thypoch’s official website here.

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