Thypoch Simera 28mm f/1.4 ASPH. Shipping NOW!

January 19, 2024

Since its official debut in September 2023, the Thypoch Simera full-frame 28mm f/1.4 has sparked a heated discussion among vintage lens enthusiasts due to its rarely-seen combination of 28mm focal length and fast aperture f/1.4 in this market. Its sibling, Simera 35mm starting shipping in late November 2023, the manufacturer has ramped up efforts to scale up the production of 28mm as well. Finally, the queue of back orders for Simera 28mm ushers in the shipping period.


But why the Simera 28mm can be a highly-anticipated lens for Leica M-mount users after the announcement? Let’s have a close look at what makes it a little success.


Design conception

As the inaugural series of Thypoch, Simera becomes the optimal sign to encapsulate the brand. With the meaning of “Today” in the Greek word, Simera Seires alludes to the imaging style of modernization and provides a gateway to authenticity for users to record and explore the unexpected in their ordinary while fleeting moments. That is poetically in line with what Thypoch calls for -- seeing into eternity. Turning profound transience into eternity.  


Optics Performance

Remarkably, the Simera 28mm comprises of 1 floating group, 3 HRI glasses, 1 ED glass, and 1 aspherical lens. The optics leading to a sharp and clear image from the center to the edge even under wide open at f/1.4, and chromatic as well as spherical aberrations can be under good control.


Boasting a 14-blade aperture and 11 elements in 7 groups, the Simera 28mm can create gentle and rounded bokeh, giving prominence to the subjects and rendering a dreamlike blurred background.


The Simera 28mm also promises a minimum focusing distance of 0.4m, allowing for more space for photographers to snap what impresses them at a closer distance with extraordinary details.


In general, the image quality that the Simera 28mm renders tends to be comfortably sharp and modern. 





Build and Appearance

Made in all-metal and measuring 55cm in length without a lens hood, the Simera 28mm weighs around 330g. At the first sight of the lens, most photographers may be intrigued by the red dots on the barrel. They are depth-of-field scales designed to visualize the range of focus and can be of interest to street photography photographers who are fascinated by hyperfocal distance photography.




The other design that can’t be ignored is the dual aperture switching modes that enable clicked or de-clicked aperture adjustments which represent the icons of sun and moon. This user-friendly function works well for users who have frequent demand for videography.




credit to @ulysses_aoki


To aid photographers in not missing decisive moments, there is a subtle resistance at 0.7m on the focusing ring to make an alert that the users need to use EVF(electronic viewfinder) for focus accuracy.


Price and shipment

The Simera 28mm lenses in black and silver colorways priced at $699 (€639) with a square lens hood are shipping now from the factory and can be ordered from, B&H, Adorama, Cinegearpro, TRM,, Calumet, Riceball, etc. 

To locate dealers in your area, please find more here.

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